At NPOS we understand how valuable time is. That’s why our consultants focus on designing, implementing, and educating your team to ensure that your custom solutions are not only efficient, but scalable to grow with your business, and generate a positive return on your investment.

What sets NPOS apart from our competitors is our client-centric approach. Rather than prescriptively apply a specific methodology, we opt to first listen to understand your business, your processes, and your needs. From there, we leverage proven methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, and IBM Design Thinking to custom tailor a solution for you.

By taking a listen first approach, we’re able to leverage tools that impact what matters most to you and your business and omit tools that might otherwise hinder adoption.


Much like our clientele, our services are both flexible and scalable. From revenue generation, to multipoint process improvement engagements, to change management, NPOS’ client-first approach is designed to meet your needs and not ours.

Sample Services

  • Revenue Generation

  • Process Improvement Consulting

  • Change Management

  • Program & Project Management