Scalable and Sustainable Solutions Tailored for Your Company

We are focused on bringing scalable and sustainable solutions to the table that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Our client-first, hands-on approach allows us to deliver on-time and on-budget quality solutions that are contextually relevant to your firm and its culture. We are committed to not only communicating the changes needed, but also partnering with you to ensure a successful implementation.

Revenue Generation

Revenue matters. It is the lifeblood of your business and what allows you to reach your goals – whether they be for profit or not. Unfortunately, revenue generation is often over-reduced to sales and marketing, but at NPOS we see opportunities for you to grow your revenue that is contextually relevant to your company’s industry, size, and mission.

Sample Engagements

      • Customer Management System Review & Deployment

      • Solar Management

      • Strategic Planning & Implementation

Process Improvement Consulting

People, Processes, and Technology are what keep your business running. Optimizing these inputs are what we do. Whether it’s increasing employee morale, productivity, or the introduction of new technology, at NPOS our focus is on creating scalable solutions that are contextually relevant.

Sample Engagements

        • Best Practice Reviews

        • Time Studies

        • Workflow Management

Change Management

Change is hard; but does it have to be? At NPOS we take a holistic approach that accounts for both the business decisions you need to make to implement change, but also the psychology of the people involved to ensure that the required change is not only implemented but can be sustained in the long term.

Sample Engagements

      • Company Reorganizations

      • Mergers and Acquisitions

      • Organizational Design and Culture Development

Program & Project Management

Projects are a complex series of interrelated timebound events that span several teams or divisions. To keep these initiatives progressing on-schedule and on-budget, it is vital that a single point of contact be established to hold all parties accountable for their assigned tasks. That single point of contact is a Project Manager whose commitment is first to the project, and then to the firm to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the current status of the project as well as any risks, actions, issues, or decisions required

Sample Engagements

      • Client Remediation Plans

      • New Client Onboarding / Existing Client Off boarding

      • New Technology Deployments

      • Transformation / Change Management Initiative Deployments